Paul Cauthen is currently out with Elle King on tour in support of his debut solo album, My Gospel. Rolling Stone describes Cauthen as “A triple-barreled blast of Texas country, soul and holy-roller rockabilly.”

"I really found my voice on this album," he told Rolling Stone Country in August, while driving back to Texas after a recording session at Muscle Shoals' revered FAME Studios. "It's got a lot to do my with upbringing. You've gotta sing real loud in the Church of Christ, because there are no mics. You've gotta learn to belt, and that's what I did with this album. I didn't want to be timid. I wanna make people feel. I want them to hurt. I want them to have emotion when they listen to my music."

The new album is great, check it out. This week Cauthen lands the RTX Sunday Video with "Hanging Out on the Line."