It's video premiere day on CMT -- and so the long awaited music video for Sam Riggs' current single, "When The Lights Go Out" is finally here! Already the video has created quite the social media buzz.

The premise behind the video and the song is about a love that is unbreakable, even in death. The inspiration however, was not the most conventional:

"I was going through a tough time in my life when I wrote this song," says Riggs. "That night I picked up a pen and had an idea in my head of this song, about an unbreakable love with an underlying violence in the storyline...  A big thunder storm rolled in that night - the lighting hit the power transformer at the end of my street and the lights went out. It was so loud the hair stood up on the back of my neck, but the words finally came to me.

With the single currently at No.16 on the Texas Music Chart, can the video push for a No.1?