Hope you're ready cause Sturgill is set to drop his first of two Bluegrass albums this Thursday night (October 15th).

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Turns out ol' Sturgill was gearing up to surprise us, but someone in Deutschland got ahead of the curve and put the album online a wee bit early:

Welp,..was hoping to surprise everybody on Thursday but somebody somewhere (Germany) got all excited and just couldn’t hold their horses. Anyway,.. “Cuttin’ Grass Vol. 1 - The Butcher Shoppe Sessions” dropping 10/16 (midnight Thursday) And yes,..this is actually the album cover.

Surprise or not, we're just pumped to get our ears a taste of it. If you missed it early on in the worldwide pandemic Sturgill and his fans raised around $230,000 for various charities he supports, for which Sturgill promised us a new album in 2020. This is that album, which'll feature several of his biggest hits bluegrass style.

On June 1st, the Grammy winner shared a (now deleted) video to Instagram where he introduced fans to several folks as he made his way through a studio, then turned the camera on himself and said, “Get your Zyrtec ready cause we cuttin’ that grass.”

So as Simpson sets to make-good on that promise I will try not to dwell on the fact that had we raised $1 million we'd be getting more.


01. All Around You (3:09)
02. All the Pretty Colors (2:19)
03. Breakers Roar (2:30)
04. I Don’t Mind (4:30)
05. I Wonder (3:15)
06. Just Let Go (3:02)
07. Life Ain’t Fair (2:01)
08. A Little Light (1:44)
09. Life of Sin (2:18)
10. Long White Line (2:21)
11. Living the Dream (2:31)
12. Old King Coal (2:53)
13. Railroad of Sin (2:13)
14. Sitting Here Without You (1:56)
15. Sometimes Wine (3:56)
16. The Storm (2:31)
17. Time After All (2:14)
18. Turtles All the Way Down (2:19)
19. Voices (3:38)
20. Water in a Well (3:47)

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