So, we acknowledged months ago that no one has stayed more busy, or worked harder to keep fans entertained in this post-apocalyptic-covid-wtf world we now live in than Wade Bowen has. To help drive home that fact, today he hit us upside the head with a great new surprise EP.

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If you missed it, this spring soon after the lock-down, Wade Bowen launched "Wade's World." He and his friends have been broadcasting live most Friday nights from his garage to keep fans entertained. Randy Rogers, Stoney LaRue, and many more have joined wade on the internet to sing songs. Last week he brought out his full band for the show.

I've spent the last few months trying to do something good with all this time and uncertainty.  - Wade Bowen

In addition, Wade has been a regular on the weekly Sequestered Songwriters series, he and his pal Randy Rogers had an approximate 87-week run at No. 1 in Texas with "Rodeo Clown," they dropped their collaborative album Hold My Beer Vol. 2, there's a chance he played in your backyard, oh, yeah, and he's been a mainstay on Nate Coon's rad Home Room Sessions.

And now, today, we get The Waiting, a surprise new EP. Wade says, "I’ve been listening to a lot of music, writing a lot of music, and recording a lot of music, and this EP is the culmination of some of that. Just trying to have some fun. And my band did a great job with it."

The best part is you'll find some vintage Wade Bowen songs, songs that have finally gotten their deserved studio treatment, including "Who I Am" and "Red Headed Woman". But that's not all, he covers Phil Collins "I Wish it Would Rain Down," and rounds it out with a brand new song that he wrote with Brent Cobb. Dig in!

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