I would like to think it is my job as a writer and music advocate to bring fresh new music and faces to your attention — I use the term “underground music” loosely, in the sense that these artists deserve much more attention than they are receiving.
I saw this young crew a couple months back at Cheatham Street in San Marcos. I always love going to see the openers – those are the hidden gems I find and get to share with you fine folks. Like the Blue Water Highway Band!

I recall the lead singer, Zack Kibodeaux, mentioning he was trained in opera – I could be making that up. But it would come as no surprise - this kid has some serious vocals - their harmonies are killer too.

To be frank, I'm wondering why these guys aren't headlining their own show yet. Give 'em a listen. If you like what you hear, I encourage you to like their Facebook page and keep up with their adventures and tour dates.

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