When Sturgill Simpson made his debut on Conan last September his performance was criticized by a few some -- you see Sturgill didn't censor his song on the late night cable talk show.

He replied to the internet trolls:

"Been some folks coming to my page to chastise (judge) me for taking the Lord's name in vain on Conan so figured I should address it," wrote Simpson, who says the song is a "metaphor comparing the soothing yet completely addictive and damaging effects of hard narcotic opiates" to organized religion.

"Since I'm self-funding/self-releasing my art instead of shooting for ACM awards and taking it up the ass from the music row man, I have the right to write and sing and say whatever I choose just as you have the right to not buy or listen to my music and stay away from my page if you don't like it. So with that said...1. I sang it like I wrote it 2. Censorship is bullshit 3. This is America and people can say anything they want including 'Goddamn' at the top of their lungs on national TV."

Network and cable television is taking notice of Sturgill Simpson's immense talent, even if mainstream country radio is yet to get on board. And you've been hearing him on Radio Texas, LIVE! for nearly a year now.

In addition to his first Conan appearance last year, last July he made his network television debut on David Letterman, more recently he's had music featured on FX's The Bridge.

His fist time on Conan, Simpson sang 'Living the Dream' off his Grammy nominated Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. Tonight he'll be singing 'Just Let Go,' be sure to watch or DVR and fall in love with Country Music again.