I was just by chance venturing through old photos and videos on my Facebook page yesterday (Monday, Oct. 5), and came across something I haven't forgotten about.

But the date when it happened was an awesome coincidence. Or divine intervention. Whichever.

I discovered that, three years ago today (can we call it Throwback Tuesday in this case?), Uncle Lucius came by the 101.5 KNUE and Radio Texas, LIVE! studios in Tyler and played Buddy Logan and I a song we had never heard before ... and not many had by that point.

'Keep the Wolves Away' would be the song that would finally send Uncle Lucius to the ears of the masses, and we knew it as soon as we heard it.

We got to hear the song just a couple of months after the band released their album And You Are Me. And we were blown away. Check out the official video for the song here.

The song tells the story of lead singer Kevin Galloway's dad, who was severely injured in a work accident and his fight to stay alive and keep the family together. Galloway documents his family's move from South Texas to East Texas, where he eventually started a band of his own. The band that would eventually become Uncle Lucius.

The band has since released their fourth and latest album, The Light. Uncle Lucius will return to Tyler on Friday, Oct. 30, for a show at Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q.

Relive it with us. It's still incredible.

Uncle Lucius: 'Keep the Wolves Away'