Sometimes you just want to get into the groove. That foot-tapping, knee-slapping, head-bobbing kind of groove where you just can't help but move your body. I'm talking about the kind of music that speaks to the soul and seeps into your bones; the music that these artists below dominate.

5. Mayeux and Broussard

These boys have a unique sound, one they like to call "swampy tonk." It's gritty. It's bluesy. It's groovy.

4. Prophets and Outlaws

I think Justin Frazell took the words right out of our mouth:

"Prophets & Outlaws is the kind of band that can bring the blues, rock n' roll, the essence of Texas and then take you straight to church!"

Can I get an amen?

3. Uncle Lucius

This group has always been a fan favorite. If it's not blatantly evident in their music, you can most definitely feel the groove at a live show.

2. The Statesboro Revue

The rootsy-folk elements these boys melt into their music is unmatchable. They have a positive energy that draws you in so close you get lost in the music, while maintaining one foot on the ground to appreciate it at the same time.

1. Shinyribs

Country-soul, swamp-funk and tickle. That is the epitome of Shinyribs and their front man, Kevin Russell. A colorful person with inspiring showmanship.

What other artists get YOU into the groove?

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