The guys from South Austin, Texas, are getting ready to release their much-anticipated new album, and we've got an early taste of it.

Uncle Lucius' fourth studio album, 'The Light,' will be released June 9 on their own Boo Clap independent label. But the band is using Thirty Tigers for music distribution, the same company used to market albums by names such as Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell and Aaron Watson.

'The Light' is Uncle Lucius' follow-up to 'And You Are Me,' which served as the band's catapult into the Texas Music spotlight with hits such as 'Keep the Wolves Away' and 'Pocket Full of Misery.'

With their decision to go independent, Uncle Lucius launched a crowd-funding campaign last fall to finance their new album. More than $32,000 later, 'The Light' became a reality. And while Uncle Lucius is no longer tied to a record label, the new partnership with Thirty Tigers out of Nashville will put them in the right direction to get the national attention they've rightly deserved for so many years.

With it being three years since their last record, Uncle Lucius fans (myself included) have anxiously awaited the newest creation. Crowd-funders and email subscribers got a two-day taste of the full album earlier this year, but now we're getting ready for the complete, mastered LP.

Glide Magazine premiered the album's title track today (April 9), which is a good representation of what to expect from 'The Light.' It's an album imploring its listeners to reach deep within and find the light that's within all of us. 'The Light' is self-empowering, offering lines like "To grow and know, from the inside out, and shine light into shadows cast by doubt."

Uncle Lucius: 'The Light'