We've made no secret of our love for Austin-based Southern rockers Uncle Lucius. They are, simply put, one of the most talented groups in the scene and we've also made no secret of our man-crush on Kevin Galloway's voice.

If you're already a fan of Uncle Lucius like we are, today is kind of like Christmas. If you're still unfamiliar, today's a good day to discover your new favorite Uncle (believe me, these guys are more fun than any uncle in your family).

Uncle Lucius is offering a FREE download of their 18-song set from Grady's 66 Pub in Yukon, Okla., on Feb. 21.

It's a killer set list that features hits such as "Keep the Wolves Away," "Somewhere Else," and "Ain't It The Same," among some unreleased material.

But the gem in this is some new stuff, namely "Nothing to Save," which we'll hear on their new record coming soon. "Nothing to Save" is the quintessential Uncle Lucius masterpiece that will have you pressing "repeat" over and over again. Honestly, it might be the best song Uncle Lucius has ever done.

Click below to get your free download, and do the boys a favor and tip 'em a little, too. There's nothing wrong with supporting live Texas music.

Uncle Lucius: 'Keep the Wolves Away'