This is it, your chance to weigh in on the new music we play at Radio Texas, LIVE! And get an early taste of some great new songs. This week, in what would be a great Wheel of Fortune "Before and After, Texas Music Edition" category (Zane Williams Clark Green), Zane Williams squares off against William Clark Green in the RTX New Music Challenge.

Zane Williams has twice this year battled Cody Johnson for a No. 1 song. The best part, the first time when Overnight Success was heading toward the top spot, it was stopped short by Cody's four week run at No. 1 with, Ride with Me -- a song Zane wrote! More recently, this summer, Zane's Hands of a Working Man, replaced Johnson's Me and My Kind on top.

Today we've got your first listen to what is on deck to be the next big Texas anthem, and I'm sure Zane is hoping his next No. 1 song, Texas Like That.

William Clark Green's Rose Queen was one of the best albums of the past two years. His song She Likes the Beatles was named the best song in Texas for 2013, and the album produced his first No.1's (She Likes the Beatles and Rose Queen) and a top 5 single with Hangin' Around.

Up next for a Green, another strong single and our challenger this week. Here's your first listen to Sympathy.